Saturday, January 10, 2009

quick saturday report

the grove trails are still icy in places, but it's not yaktrax-type of ice: you can easily walk or jog over it without dodging to the edges, which would contribute to trail widening. my elderly GSP negotiated it with ease. and all the dogs we met this morning were well-behaved, under control and on/off-leash in the appropriate designated areas. yay!

and under the heading of "what a great place we live in," my other old GSP, whose arthritis has worsened noticeably over the past few months but recently has gotten really bad (yes, he's being treated for it), decided to stop cold as we were walking down the 8th street extension. a very nice couple in an SUV with a darling yellow lab in the back stopped to ask if we needed help, and the gentleman kindly sat with luca while i jogged down to the lower parking lot for my vehicle. (i'd already tried tying the dog to a tree while i went for the truck, but he is a rescue dog/formerly abandoned in the desert, and he freaked out when i was almost out of eyesight.) thank you ever so much - i didn't even get your names.

that said, there were a lot of laaaarge poop piles just off the trail that leads from the lower 8th street parking lot toward red-winged blackbird and chickadee ridge trails. please, everyone, be mindful of what your dog is doing at all times and pick up after him/her. these piles were not high up on the hill; they were down below, easily visible from the trail (ha! - you can't miss 'em because they were so large), and in an on-leash area. most people are being very responsible, but let's not get lazy just because it's winter. :)

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