Wednesday, January 21, 2009


first thing i have to say is that it is a good thing that i have young dogs who need exercise. otherwise this weather would have me laying on the couch eating bonbons and reading trashy novels until the sun comes out. this is better than seattle in that at least the cloud ceiling is higher than the tree tops. and it takes less time to drive to sun.

the dogs seem unfazed, however and are just happy to be out.

i decided that i would make every effort to have blog photos today. the pink hat is a nice bright note against all of the gray.
these are robin red breasts, the first sign of spring. spring begins march 20. it is 2 months away. maybe it's an early warning system.... or maybe that's only true in the midwest and not so much since the 1960s.

lots of people out at 10-11 am!
pretty sure i saw boudreaux & his people (from a few weeks ago) with him on leash. that was great. 2 bike riders, 3 runners/groups of w/o dogs, 5 folks/groups on foot with dogs. all leashed where they should be. did run into a group of 3 women with 4 dogs on chickadee whose dogs were not exactly in sight or on the trail. nice enough, but not so easy to navigate when you don't know when the next dog will pop out of the sagebrush at you.

happy wednesday!

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