Monday, January 12, 2009

loved to death

halle and i were on red fox and chickadee this morning for the first time in a week or so. i checked to be sure we weren't leaving tracks- i didn't pick up slop on my shoes, and i didn't see her leaving paw prints in the trail, so we were ok.

i wonder how many of the people who have been using the trails and leaving the following tracks behind pride themselves on being environmentalists? give to nature conservancy, treasure valley land trust, sierra club etc to preserve wild lands? recycle regularly? ride a bike or walk rather than drive? use cloth grocery bags? practice packing out what they pack into the back country? get upset at sharing backcountry areas with snowmobiles or other motorized vehicles?

and see nothing wrong with running, hiking or biking on muddy trails...

the trail is dry in some spots- but this is after everything that came before, if entering from Camel's Back.

trail up to chickadee getting widened out.

the damage is from all types of trail users- runners, walkers, bike riders with and without dogs.

2 groups of mt bikes; 4 people/groups of people on foot, 3 of us with dogs- all dogs on the trail & leashed where they should be.

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