Tuesday, January 6, 2009

tuesday january 6

first, a reminder that the fcac meeting is tomorrow morning at 7:30 am at the foothills learning center. they are expected to make a final decision on what to recommend to council.

echo and i had a nice quiet in the snow street walk this morning, then halle & i went out at lunch again today- and boy was it wet & sloppy! we walked the grove to the flc around chickadee ridge & back down to the lower 8th st parking lot. it looks like a freeway. it amazes me to see the evidence of how many people use the trails this clearly.

there is a good layer of ice under this snow, and though it was soft today, i suspect it will freeze up again and we'll be back to the skating rink. and after that it will be very wet and sloppy.

we met a guy walking out and i help halle back from running up to his dog. he said "it's ok" and i explained that i am teaching her not to go charging up- both because it scares some people and dogs & because i don't like being charged. i don't think he got it. his dog wasn't a charger, which is good, but it always surprises me when people don't seem to understand why you'd teach your dog not to do that.

anyway- the cliffs across the road seemed really close for some reason- which is odd because it was raining and misty.
came on this on chickadee ridge. it's possible that it wasn't a dog that dug out under this sagebrush, but it sort of looks that way. having a dog in sight prevents this sort of behavior, which in turn gives the "on leash only" or "no dogs at all" folks less to complain about.

of course, it's entirely possible that this was done by one of the chronic loose subdivision dogs or not by a dog at all.

it was a beautiful walk. the bitterbrush and sage bark looked black because it's so wet. a nice contrast to the snow & the grass peeking out.

and the obligatory rose hip shot- so nice & red against all of the gray.

will keep you posted on what happens tomorrow, and the next steps as the process moves through city council. have a great evening!

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