Friday, January 2, 2009

greenbelt thoughts

an email from carla-

It's likely that if people aren't using the trails, they are using the Greenbelt instead. Seems the greenbelt has similar problems as well. Although people tend to be better about leashes (except for people with those stupid flexi-leads) I've witnessed/or learned of at least 4 bicycle accidents on the greenbelt this last year.

A lady I used to work with, broke her thumb, got a concussion (her helmet cracked in half, she got staples to close a gash in her head), quite a few bruises, and her husband broke a rib. All because a kid tried to pass between people through the center of the pavement.

I have had NUMEROUS people fly by me on my bike when I am already going relatively fast and they do not say 'on your left'. I run Indi (w/a modified attachment leash) on my bike and many times it scares Indi because he doesn't always hear them coming and neither do I because of the wind against my hearing aid causes me not to hear as well. Sometimes I feel I should get a t-shirt w/ big printed words on the back... ON YOUR LEFT!!!

I tend to use the greenbelt more because I'm quite far from the foothills. But I worry about the safety of me and my dog.

note from mk- we have heard that people are not as good about leashing on the greenbelt as they should be, either, given that it's all on leash. the issues of being polite & following the rules for both dog owners & bike riders occur all over the city.

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