Monday, January 5, 2009

more trail reports

from sue martson-

I ran the MRP yesterday, Sunday up around Bucktail / Shanes from Elephant Rock off Horizon Drive. Trails were in great condition, except for some very deep mtb wheel ruts on the lower trail that parallels the road. Very little ice, 95% of the trails in MRP were clear. It was cold, so not muddy at all.

Ran this AM in Camelsback, the short loop from the park, past the ponds / Watertower on Red Fox, to the FLCenter, then down to the Grove. Well, more like shuffled. Skating rink from the park to past the ponds. Sheer ICE under that snow all around the pond area. Watertower road is good as is Red Fox once you are past the ponds. Trail coming off Kestrel to the Grove is ice. Grove is ice. Ran road back to C-back as I had already fallen twice and was fearful with dog on leash pulling me off balance.Be careful out there in Cback. MRP is 100% better.

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