Wednesday, January 7, 2009

enews- fcac meeting update

Hi All-

The decision is.........put off. Boise City Council is holding work sessions with the standing committees that report to them (Parks Department, Foothills Conservation Advisory Committee, etc.) in February and has asked that pending decisions be put on hold until after that happens.

Work sessions are typically held before Council meetings from 3 in the afternoon on. It is anticipated that the meeting will be held the second or third week in February. These meetings are open to the public, but do not allow public input. As we understand more about the implications we will pass the information along.

Betsy Roberts presented some alternative loop options in the lower Hull's Gulch area, based on our walk last week. Thanks to Betsy for being open minded and looking for alternative solutions. What little discussion there was around Betsy's options was not positive. As far as I can tell, the majority of the committee feels that the stretch of Red Fox along the water towers is more than sufficient off leash area in Lower Hulls.

We are concerned about increased incidents caused by concentrating off leash activity in this area, the current off leash portion of which is only about one mile in length. We have asked that alternatives such as additional trails or perhaps set times for off leash activity be considered, but the majority of the FCAC does not seem interested in helping us find an alternative solution. We're checking into how this can be addressed with Mayor and Council.

The trails are really wet and sloppy.

Please stay off of them unless it's frozen and even then stay on the trail! There is visible damage and widening occurring.

If you do go out and the trail is too icy to be able to stay on the trail or if your shoes or your dog's paws pick up mud please turn back.

I appreciate all information you can send about trail conditions and will add to the blog.

Thanks! Please let me know if you have any questions or comments and check the blog for updates.


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