Wednesday, February 4, 2009

more bad owners

here's another email to ridge to rivers regarding the dog owners who give us all a bad name. again, this is occurring in an area where the dogs should be leashed. we have suggested that the ihs officers be used for relief. (note: the aim in posting these is to share some of the issues that parks and rec hears about regarding dogs that we may not be aware of. we requested documentation, we're getting it and passing it along)

Julia, thank you for hearing my cry. The dogs and their owners have always been and are still abusing private property in my area.

It does no good trying to hold the dog and call the city, I have had leashes pulled out of my hand with a comment “ your not ticketing me”. The dog has a leash but know one is holding it. They put a leash on with no intention of holding it. When the owner gets to me on my land after the dog has chased all the deer & other animals across ....... (the)street & eaten all my cats food in his dish says “He just slipped out of my hand”. I have heard this same line more than I can count. When I confront them about it the owner says I am being inappropriate while standing on my land with their dog still running wild in a leash area.

I have had owners and their dogs park in my driveway walk across my yard with no leash on the dog. As the dog shits in my yard I ask the owner if they have permision to cross my property they say the trail is muddy and they don’t want to get dirty as they continue on their way. I told this person it is a leash area and the easement is where the trail is the dog owner called me an asshole.

There is a brown german shepherd I have been dealing with for four years. He comes from camel back way does his duty in my yard chases the wild game around and than heads out. I have never seen the owner. Once I went after the dog and it turned an tried to attack me. I do not know what to do about this dog.

Many city parks say no dogs allowed. Camp grounds require leashes on all dogs. My taxes are $ 8500 a year . I would not want to be the person responsible for protecting these dogs and their owners for I believe what comes around goes around and to God goes the revenge.

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