Monday, February 16, 2009

Annual Poop Count

From Julia-


Rich Gardunia and I were out today at Lower Hulls, Corrals and Table Rock today doing the annual flagging of dog poop piles.

These are how the numbers compare to the same week last year. We plan on keeping all the flags up for a week or so---part of the educating the user.

Lower Hulls 2009 49 piles 2008 141 piles
(The largest concentration of waste we found was on the hillside facing the terminus of Red Fox)

Corrals 2009 142 piles 2008 115 piles
(also a note on Corrals, we heard from a user that a 6th grade boy cleaned up dog waste alongside the trail on Thursday 2/12 as part of school project - this confirms why most of the waste we found there was over a foot from the edge of the trail).

Table Rock 2009 66 piles 2008 82 piles
(A bunch of users were out on this trail today and said they knew the waste issue was bad but wouldn't have guessed as bad as the flags show)

I've included a few photos as well. Also had a email report of an incident at the Lower Hulls Gulch/FLC trailhead yesterday that involved a runner who was tripped up by an off-leash dog coming from behind as she ran through the area from Kestrel heading west to Red Fox. Sent her too the ground with a scraped knee and a torqued shoulder. Owner apologized.

this is an improvement, but we still have a ways to go.

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