Sunday, February 8, 2009

what's important

there has been a lot of coverage about the budget shortfall facing the city. i know that the city has many bigger things to deal with than the situation in the foothills with dogs and trails.

in light of budget cuts the best way i can think of to preserve the resource is to work with user groups. with limited or no enforcement we are dependent on peer pressure and education.

i am tired of last minute "information" being presented that doesn't add anything of substance to the discussion.

we have never endorsed a free for all. we have never said that there is no problem. all we have done is ask for information to make informed decisions.

just as people at the city are tired of all of the time this is taking up, many of us have other things we could be doing with our time too. if we would work together on a solution it be much more efficient and probably lead to a better end result.

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