Friday, February 6, 2009

notes from the trails...


from sue-

....thank Ridge to Rivers for FINALLY laying down sand in the mud bug areas around the ponds, and on the trail between C-back and the lower 8th st. parking lot. Huge improvement and will hopefully STOP the widening of those sections of trails. I saw it this morning and thought “what took them so long!”. Now, if they would just do that on the Central Ridge trail (from the Policeman’s shooting range entrance to the top of the ridge) in Military, that would be sweet too.

Trails were frozen this am. At 7:20 when I ran. Saw one person with a puppy at the ponds, on leash. Severe mtn. bike ruts and footprints on trails around ponds. WTF?

from ginger-

Military Reserve should really be avoided unless you are out early enough to be on frozen part which is right now only the flat trail running along the road. Even the "road" behind the policeman's clubhouse is a freaking muddy mess. POOP GALORE on this trail--seriously, very disgusting!
(we stay off the muddy trails because it's the right thing to do but there are still boneheads who are out there being irresponsible. we will have a poop scoop in the spring when things dry up).

from forrest:
....... when it is wet, Crestline and Sidewinder have been frozen in the morning, but even on a cold day you want to be off the hill by 11:00 AM. The sun melts it.

from mk:
........ corrals is getting rutted up from the lower parking lot to the top. started softening up at 11 am last weekend, just when people started coming up to use the trail.

for more info on trail conditions, visit swimba's trail conditions page

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