Tuesday, November 11, 2008

tuesday nov 11

it was a good morning to be out. i was a bit out of it, stressed, etc and it always helps to get exercise & be in nature.
i want to apologize to the woman with the 2 shepherds & the papillon who said "sorry" when the pap come up to us while i had the dogs on leash. i just dropped halle's leash & kept walking with echo & it was fine, but i didn't acknowledge that she spoke to me & that was rude.
have noticed a decent number of cars in the grove parking lot the last few morning...... some head to the pond, some through the grove.

this gal had her well behaved totally under voice control dog off leash in the on leash area. she was unaware that there are still decisions to be made, and that the fine for being caught without a leash (or off leash) could be so expensive.
that's it for today- 6 with, 3 with out.

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