Monday, November 24, 2008

being polite

beautiful frosty morning, still darkish when we got to the trails, and quiet.

love all of the fluffed up for warmth birds on the phone line.

saw all 4 of the dogs that i see loose in the reserve this morning.

first, at around 7:40 heard coyotes making a fuss right off of red fox & up on chickadee. and dogs barking. i leashed my guys b/c i didn't know what we were going into. my husband reminds me that i am not a biologist & i don't know if the coyotes were agitated or just talking.

redardless- lots of noise, and yellow lab and black lab cruising down the hill. black lab runs across red fox & up chickadee toward where i had heard the coyote. after running around on the hill for a while he ran back across the trail & up the other side. coyote yipping starts again, then stops as i see the dogs head to the houses up the hill & settle in below 2 of them.

i saw yellow lab climb over the fence into the backyard of this house, so it's possible that his/her owners don't know about the morning excursions. reminding me not to be so quick to jump to conclusions.
and black lab ended up hanging below this house-
black lab did not bother me, my dogs or the runner on the trail, but he is still hurting our off leash access. even if these dogs were not harassing the coyotes, they still poop in the reserves and are loose without being under control.
the other 2 dogs tore down the hill at about 8 a.m. looked like they had just been let out of jail.

although i do mention dog's names and people i see disregarding the rules in this blog, it is in the hopes that someone will know that person and be able to talk to them. i hope that someone who lives on this street will recognize their neighbor's dogs and be able to have a conversation with them.

a conversation is not name calling, telling people they are the reason we will lose access, a heated discussion. it is a genuine attempt to help someone see another point of view. that is what we can do.
the enforcement part- that is best left to the authorities.

we're all in this together, and together is the only way we will affect change.
4 owners with dogs, 4 dogs without owners and 3 dogless groups

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