Friday, November 21, 2008

friday noonish

beautiful afternoon, and a fair amount of people out. i was so pleased to see these women with dogs on leash and strollers- proving it can be done- until they let their dogs off before the off leash area. just at the top of the hill past the trash can. so i called out "you're not there yet" and the lab woman releashed. dobie woman did not.

i said- the signs are sort of hard to see, but they are ticketing, it could be $100 blah blah blah.

lab woman said- oh no, the signs are visible, let her dog off leash again (in the off leash area) and the dog headed right back up the trail to where we were sitting, leashed. i started backing up.

she called her dog, who responded pretty well, leashed the dog again (even though i said it's fine, i'm taking mine off as soon as i'm in the off leash area, go ahead) and said something to her friend along the lines of " i don't want to come and use this trail again".

why? because you need to follow the rules? because i don't want your unleashed dog approaching my leashed dogs?

i wasn't nasty and her dog actually seemed pretty well behaved. i don't get it.

dad with 2 little kids making sand castles in the middle of the trail up on chickadee. i held the dogs' collars as we went by so as not to scare anyone. he made a comment about that not being the best place to make sandcastles & i said "well, mountain bikes do come through here". they weren't in an incredibly visible part of the trail, not a stretch to see something happening.
coming out- moab off leash in the on leash area. moab is a nice dog- he never bothers anyone, and his owner picks up after him. but still off in the on.

and then we ran into louis and his owner as we went back into camel's back. louis is a smallish dog who looks like a pug mix. off leash. i said we don't want to meet him, owner called, louis ignored. so i let go of halle's leash.

owner still calling louis, louis not coming to owner.

halle comes back to me, louis follows, so i let go of echo. who chased louis whose owner was still calling him and who he was still ignoring. my dogs both came back to me, we were all connected with leashes & walking out of the park & louis was following (owner still calling).

i finally stopped and gave my on leash/off leash dog and potential fine talk. louis' owner said "i do this every day and i never have a problem". (note: we had no problem either- just that when a loose dog is running up it can be a challenge to hold onto leashed dogs, who may also be territorial and protective). wonder if that means that his dog actually comes when he calls every day but today?

anyway. enough. good weekend to all-

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