Saturday, November 1, 2008

a few comments

the fcac moved next wednesday's meeting time to 5:30 p.m. and the location to the library meeting room in response to calls & emails from dog owners.

i am glad to see their responsiveness, and hope that there aren't too many people who rearranged schedules to be available at 7:30 am (on short notice) who now need to rearrange things again.

there will be public testimony taken, 3 minute limit, people asked not to repeat points already made so that everyone can have a chance to talk. it is OK to stand up & say "i agree with so and so's suggestions".

it's important to remember that the fcac has not made any decisions. the committee will listen to the public, review the plans from the Working Group and from Ridge to Rivers staff ( available at )and decide on a recommendation to pass along to Boise City Council.

it could be either recommendation as written, or with changes, or something else entirely (like, we hope, the Boise Trail DOG suggestion of putting us on probation for a year without any major changes and using that time to give enforcement and education more time to work).

after the fcac makes their recommendation to city council, the public has another opportunity to comment. we'll find out how that process works and pass the info along.

what is surprising to me is how many people are saying " i thought that was over". it will never be over. the trails are busy and will keep getting busier. we have a finite resource, especially of trails close in to town. we all need to figure out how to share with minimal impact on other user's trail experience. this affects dog owners, mountain bikers, everyone.

we all need to stay engaged and involved.

here's to a big turnout wednesday evening! i am off to arizona tuesday and wednesday, so i won't be here to see it, but i look forward to hearing how well things went (sending good energy!)

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