Monday, November 3, 2008


i have been so looking forward to "falling back" so i can get out before work again, instead of starting to work at 6 or 6:30, then taking a break when it gets light. but i completely spaced it and when i looked out the window at 7:30 the sun was up!

maybe thursday....

beautiful morning, the leaves are nice and showy against the gray.

not sure if you can see, but this runner is on the braided trail next to the wider road. who knows why, but i watched him run there rather than the road for a while.
coming in this morning, saw 2 regular trail users with their dogs off leash in the on leash area.
one, a woman who runs with 2 black labs- who are always behind her- i have spoken to about what's going on. she asked if e-collars wouldn't count as leashes, and i said no. but both of her dogs were wearing e collars, no leash in sight this morning.
i will add that i see her run all through the north end with these dogs off leash, and i have not had them harass or run up to us. but they are still not leashed where they should be.
the other is they guy who rides his bike with his black lab. i have seen him trying it leashed, guess maybe he gave up. the dog was better about not dashing up to us, but, again, not helping our cause.
the thing is, all of the rules in the world can be passed, but if they can't be enforced what good does it do?
to my knowledge, we haven't even tried to enforce (or talk about) the rules in the off leash area. lots of people still think it's a free for all, their dog should be able to do whatever it wants as long as they pick up after it.
WRONG!!! i have seen great improvement in the number of people who leash when they see me leashed, or who ask if it's ok for their dog to approach, but we are by no means all the way to bright.
then again, we didn't start enforcement on leash & poop until september. we have made great progress, and we can make more.
please show up at the library (the meeting room is around the back) at 5:30 wednesday, november 5.
it's our chance for input, let's take it.
have a great week! i am off to arizona until thursday morning.


Anonymous said...

Folks who run a lot may use the shoulder of a road as it is somewhat looser and softer. Easier on the knees. FWIW

marianne said...

thx- i run too, this road is dirt, but maybe too packed. mostly pointed it out because we've been told this braiding is mostly dog caused.