Thursday, November 6, 2008


nice to be home. once again missed sunrise- of course going to bed at 1:30 makes it hard to get up early.

it was a beautiful warm morning. the dogs had a blast like they always do after not being able to be off leash on the trail for a few days. i find myself really greatful and appreciating every morning we can do this.

talked to a few groups with well behaved off leash dogs to let them know what's going on. of course, this won't be a majority rules sort of thing. but every little bit helps.

looked around at all of the cheat grass and hemlock and wonder if there are plans to remove the noxious weeds and restore native vegetation along the lower trails.

9 with 6 without. all leashed where they should and well behaved. we are getting very good at walking past on leash on the trail- it is so nice to see the work pay off.
thinking lots of things, many of which wouldn't be productive to share here so i won't. i'm tired and need to give things some thought.
i did send a note to the mayor's office to find out what the process is after the fcac makes a recommendation to mayor and council. not sure about timing, when the public hearing will be, etc.,etc..... when i find out, will let you know.
tomorrow's friday- yay!

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