Saturday, November 22, 2008


i had so much fun going back through the photos from this year to put together the slide show that i just added to the blog. a nice reminder of how beautiful our trails are.

this has been such a great experience in so many ways- i have met lots of nice people and it has been really rewarding to see the group step up & pull together to protect something that we feel deeply about. the visible progress on the trails, proving that education can and does work is very cool.

we still have things to work on. my husband asked me who made me the police last night when i was complaining about people who still don't get it.

i am sometimes chafe at following rules- always a bit of a rebel, not a big fan of authority. but the people who continue to disregard the rules for dogs in the foothills can really ruin this for many of us who have worked really hard to preserve access. and that really pisses me off. this is a case where these folks are not just hurting themselves (in fact, many of them will continue to ignore any further restrictions, while those of us who do the right thing are penalized).

i have met a lot of people who are training their dogs specifically so that they can walk with them off leash on trails and not bother other users. i know lots of dog owners who make a regular practice of picking up opp, who talk to other dog owners about the importance of doing that and of having dogs under control. lots of us are doing things right.

i'm hoping we can continue to get help with enforcement and education and reach some of these other folks.

happy weekend all-

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