Monday, November 17, 2008

request for help

this email came to my mailbox this morning. if anyone knows this woman and can talk to her it would be greatly appreciated. this is the sort of thing that really hurts all of us- and that can get someone hurt too.

even if Christine feels she has the situation under control 8 dogs is WAY too many, and this person sounds truly frightened by the situation.

Maybe you know someone in the dog community that could speak to a particular dog walker who has been walking up to 8 dogs at a time…
with no leashes. Her name is Christine (her company is) Dog Love.

I live …. beyond the trail system managed by Ridge to Rivers. The… perimeter of my property … borders …trails that have become increasing
over populated as a result of the …. many dog walkers who wish to evade the officers patrolling Ridge to Rivers. These are the ones walking multiple dogs (one walker up to 8 at a time) off leash,.

This past spring…Christine …. was walking 6 dogs in the foothills…. I spoke to her … about safety issues and explained to her the danger of not being able to contain them…

A week later, (she) and her now 8 dogs were back in the foothills……. Three of the dogs were jumping….. Teeth out, the whole bit...... Again, she's walking up to 8 dogs at a time. I talk to her. She puts her hands over her ears & sings out loud …..lalalalalalalala and walks away.

Because I feel so unsafe walking in the foothills, in my own backyard, I now drive to one of the Ridge to River trails. … Now I love walking the Ridge to River trails again because I feel safer there. That was until yesterday (November 15th.) And today (November 16)

On Saturday (November 15) I parked at the Highlands Hollow trail …. My rear windows were opened for my dogs. As i was about to get out of my truck 5 (of 8) dogs charged me. Of the five dogs, three of them were jumping on my truck and lunging at the windows at my dogs. I rolled the windows up and they continued to circle my truck and jump on it. This was Ruby (Christine’s husky), a Pit Bull, a mutt, a Beagle, and a Golden. Christine .....walked away up the trail and left the dogs jumping on my car. Soon after they all took off.

…Sunday,….I decide to walk in the foothills... again. On the ….border (of the) to Ridge to River trails, there’s Christine and her 8 dogs. Christine sees me & the Pit Bull noticed us from a distance and ….. charged us. He took a stance, showed his teeth. I sat down, and withdrew eye contact. I yelled to Christine, she….put her hands over her ears …… and walked away leaving the Pit Bull with me. I turned my back held my dogs and the Pit Bull took off.

If you know anyone who knows Christine- Dog Love, can you ask that maybe they can help educate her.

I …… wonder if her clients know how many dogs she (has)…in the back of her truck. I don’t anyone who would let their dogs travel like that. I also worry (about the)…..dogs being vulnerable….as she can not contain them.


Steve Stuebner said...

Yep, Christine is going to get all dogs banned from the foothills if you can't get her to take control of her dogs ... that is insane to have 8 dogs running around, including pit bulls, and then doing nothing to contain them ... that's nuts! - Steve Stuebner

marianne said...

it's not just one person- it's an accumulation of people acting in an irresponsible manner (whether they realize it or not) that causes problems. and in my experience, (being not the most self aware person) most folks don't even know what impact their actions are having. also, we ultimately have zero control over how another person acts- i can't get her to control her dogs- all we can do is educate and lead by example. as a mountain biker i'm sure you understand. that said, let's hope we've started some conversations about what we need to to do retain access.