Wednesday, September 3, 2008

wednesday morning

another beautiful nice cool morning- love it! everyone very nice & polite- runner & bike rider thanked me for getting dogs out of the way. runner with dog leashed hers up when she saw me working with halle & echo. everything working just the way it should in my own little corner of the trail system this morning!

not sure what this is all about- tiny feathers, and there were others scattered along the trail, but not a huge amount of them. maybe fox, raccoon or coyote? maybe just molting? no special interest from the dogs.

4 with, 5 without, everyone following rules except the guy with the yellow & black labs & the baby carriage. he did hold off following us down the trail closely, tho, when he realized that i really didn't want halle & echo to play with his dogs, which was apprecaited.

have a great day!


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