Sunday, September 21, 2008

sunday the 21

went up to trail 1, which is sandy & i figured would be OK to walk on. it was damp, but drained, not muddy. this is as bad as it got- from me, 2 dogs & 2 mt bike groups. i'd like to know if this is ok, or if even this much of a track is a problem- we didn't leave ruts, everyone stayed on trail, etc.

been talking lots about staying off muddy trails lately, i wouldn't consider this muddy, but i'd sure like to know if i'm wrong.

it was a beautiful morning. nice & cool, the overcast a nice contrast to the color of the hills.

still a few flowers blooming too. the yellow of the sunflowers also nice against the sky.

this little yellow flower was by the side of the trail, the one below growing in the middle of the trail.

then we went & met a friend at the dog park at morris hill. the dogs had fun running around there too. completely different experience though. we hiked first because i wanted my exercise. dog park doesn't give me that. it also doesn't seem to engage the dogs as much as far as interest in checking out smells (and sampling the poop smorgaboard available on the trails). good for socialization (canine and human) & training though.

both trails & dog parks are important, but mostly different user groups, and definately for different purposes.

have a great week!

i am gone until tuesday the 30th. please send me pics or things to post on the blog ( tracy, margie & paula should post, but i'd love input from you guys as well.......

happy trails-

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