Thursday, September 4, 2008

poop scoopin' boogie

'nother nice morning. 2 dog walk day. echo and i are doing great- the work is paying off. we walked with eileen & bode ( or bohdi- not sure) both on leash side by side & off leash. bode didn't understand bouve play (i may need to find echo another bouve to play with), but it was all good. when we peeled off to go up chickadee & they continued to the grove he kept hanging back as if wondering why we weren't together any more. then we passed jade & her owner on chickadee & walked out with another on leash dog & owner.

back with the swisster & poop bags. i don't go down the poop road very often because a) it really has improved and b) i know i am preaching to the choir. but when paula's sister pointed to the pile right by the trash can & said "why do people do that?" i got annoyed again.

so, if anyone has any ideas for how to reach the folks who are still clueless, please send them along.

first bag is from camel's back to the trash can up the hill above the pond (all on leash area). second from there to the trash can at the bottom of chickadee ridge near 8th street.

rabbitbrush just starting to bloom...

first walk 5 with, 4 without; second 5 and 5. both times, all leashed where they should be & all owners following the rules.

have a great day!

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