Thursday, September 11, 2008

note from david gordon

excerpt from an email from David GordonRidge to Rivers Trails Coordinator (David also gave us kudos us for organizing the poop scoop) with his permission: (italics, bold added by me, blue my comments)

As an FYI, I was asked to take another look at some of the locations that Julia flagged poop piles last spring. Rich and I did this separately at the end of August, and found the following numbers -

David's: All numbers include a mix of older and newer piles of waste. In most cases, the number of piles have dropped significantly. They are as follows:

Kestral Trail next to Hulls Gulch Trailhead: 13 piles
Lower Hulls Gulch Trail at Hulls Gulch Trailhead: 19 piles
Cottonwood Creek Trail at Trailhead: 38 piles
Corrals Trail at Bogus Basin Road access: 47 piles (this is the access right on the road, across from the pull out, not the parking lot)
Old Pen and Table Rock Loop Trails at Old Pen Trailhead: 20 piles
Crestline Trailhead: 0 (thank you forrest & other crestline opp patrolers!)

Rich's numbers:

toll road 47, 25 before the trash can 0 in the parking area

old pen 42
table rock trail 17
parking area 7

if anyone wants to sign up to adopt any of the trails with higher numbers, please let me know.

would be good places to target on the 20th.

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