Saturday, September 27, 2008

poop scoop wrap-up: thanks to all!

a huge thanks to everyone who took time out of a beautiful saturday morning to pick up poop and trash to keep our trails clean!! also, thanks to the IHS and officer gibson for setting up a command post at military reserve for volunteer poop scoopers; to gail and tom for manning the boise trail DOG table and coordinating which trails needed the most TLC; to the folks who donated prizes for the raffle; and to the anonymous men who helped us figure out how to take down the trail DOG tent. :) seriously, that should not be rocket science, but somehow today it was!

participation in the poop scoop was a bit sparse. getting rained out last weekend is partly to blame, no doubt. but it was a great day to sit outside in the fresh air, and the event did get a little media coverage. the volunteers did a great job cleaning trails and reporting back about what they'd found. we had nice conversations with a lot of folks (some of whom signed up for email updates about trails issues), suggested fun bike trails for some out-of-towners, and petted some darling, well-behaved dogs. :)

if you weren't able to attend today's event, we hope you'll spend a little extra time cleaning up your favorite trail anyway. every little bit helps!

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