Thursday, September 25, 2008

pet peeve

wasn't going to post today- you will notice i took no photos- got home at 8 last night, heading out this afternoon again & lots to do in between. but- walking with halle & echo on chickadee ridge, and they both stop & look back at me, letting me know a dog is approaching. so i called them, saw a huge dog in the sage, got well off the trail & when i saw the owner said "i'd appreciate it if you'd keep your dog away from us".

turns out it was augie the akita. this is the dog that stood smack in the middle of the trail a few weeks ago with his head lowered, shoulders & ruff up watching us. when i was really glad to have halle leashed so i could keep her from charging, b/c even tho it's a play charge, it's still a threatening move and the outcome could have been ugly.

so, when he said "why, are they not friendly?" i said "no, actually your dog had his head down & his back up last time we ran into you on the trail, and i don't want to take any chances."

it doesn't matter why i don't want someone's dog to approach. should be enough to ask.

anyway- otherwise, a lovely walk, nice to be back in the hills after 2 days of walking on the trail in hailey in freezing weather (and dogless).

now- off again- back next tuesday-

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