Friday, September 19, 2008

arrrrrrrrrgh! matey!

it's international talk like a pirate day- most of our dogs go "arrrrgh" sometimes, don't they?

what an incredible sunrise! so i took lots of pics to share- and was reminded, yet again, of how great it is to have these trails so close in to be able to use....

loved the ray of light shooting up in this one:

7 with, one without, all good. this gal called her dogs in & had them run on her right side when she saw me leash up, talking to them to keep them close the whole way by. when i thanked her & told her we were training she said us too. it's a great thing. and halle had a romp with ginger again. ginger's mom finds halle puppy uncoordinated big white feet flying all over approach amusing, thank goodness :)

have a great weekend! hope to see many of you tomorrow at the poop scoop!

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