Friday, September 12, 2008

friday! wheeeeeeee

here i am, the broken record (in a good way)- another beautiful morning, another great start to the day!

would like to thank the bpr employees who keep us in poop mitts, haul out the trash (and dog poop), maintain trails & are always pleasant when I meet them.

moderately busy morning- 6 with, 5 without.

saw a fox on the ridge, met up with a gal who was telling me about how her dog chases the fox, but as smart as her dog is, the fox is smarter- they always get away. didn't see the chasing as a problem. she was very nice, reasonable, had her dog leashed and had evidently never considered it might be kind of scary for the fox to have dogs chase it.

yesterday, i picked up mutt mitts from david gordon to use at trailpaolooza (thanks david). as we walked to the shop, 2 dogs came darting out from under a pickup parked at the flc. (foothills learning center). later found out that some guys pulled up, got on their mt bikes & went for a ride, leaving the dogs not tied up and with no water. dogs mostly hung out under the truck, but did run up to passers by.

i think that the dogs went to the ihs, along with a huge malamute that the pet patrol found wandering with no owner in sight.

nice to have the pet patrol available to handle that kind of stuff.

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