Monday, July 6, 2009

updates & a great day on the trails

a few bits of news that caught my eye (or ear) over the past week. first is the acknowledged need for dogs parks in addition to off leash trails. there are definitely two different users, and it is great to the city agreeing that there is a legitimate need for off leash areas of both types and moving toward providing them. for more information, read this article in the statesman.

i'd like to thank, once again, jeff rosenthal and the idaho humane society for their unflagging support and work with the city to help dog owners. i know that some dog owners are upset at the role played by the IHS in enforcement of current rules on the trails. to me, this is like getting upset at the police officer who writes the speeding ticket. many dog owners actually requested enforcement of existing rules during last year's trails process, and the IHS stepped in to help.

the second bit of news is the city's proposal to expand dog pick up regs beyond city parks. dog owners will be responsible for carrying bags & disposing of poop everywhere in the city. makes complete and total sense, and is a good way to spread the ethic of responsibility and to educate.

i was in ketchum with a friend on thursday. amazed to see how few dogs were leashed- anywhere. even in the veterinary hospital. if dog owners in that area could be persuaded to leash dogs at the beginning of trails to reduce poop & preserve access it can happen anywhere.

on to today's hike.

8 with, 6 without. 2 off leash dogs in the on leash area, one owner who questioned me when i asked him not to let his dog approach. when i explained we were in the on leash area, and leashed, and that loose and leashed dogs can be a bad combination he leashed up. but really, a request should be sufficient without being questioned.

yep, she's not running on the wide flat but rocky road/trail. she's running on the trail beside the trail, which will some day just be part of a wider trail that some folks won't want to run on.

beautiful morning! hope everyone had a great fourth of july!

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