Thursday, July 16, 2009


beautiful tranquil morning. love that it's still cool, tho it sounds like that's going to change soon.

love the clouds looking like a fan behind the hill

these are evening primrose. they've been blooming for a while, and will for a while longer.
8 without, 4 with. all pleasant & following rules.
we did have a sheltie come charging up behind us barking. i just let halle go say hi & put echo in a sit. pretty soon i heard a yip, and the owner say "it's your own fault, you started it" (halle did her usual chase the dog then run it over b/c she's such a galoot & that's how she plays). and i'm wondering if this gal knows her dog instigates, why she lets it happen? it could be a problem with a less friendly dog. but at least she understood it was her dog.

anyway- beautiful morning.
remember the parks board meeting at the library at 4 p.m. this evening to discuss the timed off leash proposal for winstead park. be good to show some support.
happy trails!

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