Monday, July 13, 2009

the party moved

beautiful morning

lots of people out- 13 with dogs, 14 without. most dogs (including moab) on leash where they needed to be). everyone very pleasant.
we saw all sorts of folks we know- paula, laurie & daisy; ilene & bohdi; sue & keene; sam the black standard poodle & his people; betsy biking to work.
over and over when i talk to dog owners who actively use the trails they talk about the 2 legged friends they've made through their canine companions. i am no different- tracy, caralea, margie, paula, ginger to name a few. our dogs enrich our lives in many ways.
the gal with the border collie was picking up poop when we saw her, and her dog was leashed in the on leash and in a sit and then a heel, not lunging at us as we walked by. great trail behavior, thanks!

we're keeping our distance from the white dog & owner ahead of us on chickadee....
kept halle from charging daisy this morning. they live next door, and halle the big galoot thinks that charging into other dogs is a guaranteed way to get them to play. it's a habit i am trying to break. not only in she a big girl, many dogs take exception to dogs that charge up, regardless of their intention. i was glad to get her to approach gently (well, for her) today. i'm sure that paula & daisy were too.

looking for folks who would like to blog occasionally from other trails....... please email me at if you're interested.
have a great week! happy trails!

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