Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Public Service Announcement

here's a note i got yesterday from david gordon. i have seen way too much poop along trails lately too. we need to remain vigilant on the poop, and keep things clean. we only hurt ourselves if we do anything else.

as for the incident as recounted- a reminder to be careful. there are a lot of angry people out there, and while we all want to educate and have a fruitful discussion, it isn't always possible. we all- ridge to rivers, boise trail dog, swimba- would rather people walk away that get involved in any sort of confrontation.

Hi Marianne - I thought that I would pass on some dog related info. of late. Rich rode Corrals yesterday and indicated that there was an offensive amount of poop along the trail. On the bright side, the dogs he encountered were well behaved. I also have had lots of good experiences as of late with dogs who were under control in off-leash areas - very refreshing.

On a bit more alarming note, I just got off the phone with an individual who said that he enjoys using the Polecat trails with his lab, and generally doesn't leash him even though he knows that is the rule there (he indicated that he does the same on the Velodrome area trails).

While running in Polecat with his off-leash dog the other day, he encountered a mountain biker who was so incensed about the off-leash dog, that he cussed this guy out, then physically shoved him off the trail....That's the first I've heard of someone getting so upset over an off leash dog on an on-leash trail that they resorted to physical violence, and am sure it is a very isolated incident, however it is certainly interesting. The caller did say that he plans to leash his dog out there now!dg

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