Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bogus Basin Trail ~ dry creek & 5-mile trail

Hi there! Forgot camera again ~

Dry creek is really being abused. Dog poop at the trail head and along the trail. Also, people driving up and down the hill instead of walking is causing a lot of erosion.

Five mile trail is also a mess of poop. Just because there isn't a trash can there doesn't mean we don't have to pick up the poop or control our dogs. Five mile is embarrassing. Dog poop right by the gate that is almost unavoidable and then pretty much littering the trail for about a mile in.

These trails seem to get more use as it gets hotter as they are a bit higher and cooler. Let's respect them and take time to pick up poop. Pack your poop out!

And for safety reasons, both access points on Bogus Basin Road are right on the shoulder of big corners~cars and bikes cannot see you or your dog(s). Take time to leash them at the beginning.

Be safe, have fun! Be a good dog owner ;)

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