Monday, May 11, 2009

monday may 11

must have been a busy weekend on the lower trails. this is the third pile of poop i found in the middle of the trail, flattened. really annoying! i picked up 4 or 5 piles of opp without ever venturing off trail.

wildflowers- turns out this is not an onion, but it is a member of the lily family, which onions also are. it's a brodiaea.also called wild hyacinth, edible roots eaten extensively by indians & early settlers.

fiddleneck, i think. weedy plants that thrive in disturbed areas.
it was a gorgeous morning. the birds in fine form- singing, flying around. meadowlark, red winged blackbirds, chickadee & sparrows.

4 with dogs. 3 following the rules, on woman with a pug off leash by the ponds. after i saw her let it run up to the leashed dog in front of me i called out "we don't want to meet your dog". "oh dear!" as pug starts up the trail to us. she did get the dog back, tho.
i don't understand small dog owners who think nothing of letting their little guys run up to 90 lb dogs. even if the dogs are friendly, they could play rough & there's the chance of injury. you'd think they'd at least ask.
anyway- and 6 without, one of those on bike.
have a great monday!

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