Monday, May 4, 2009


sandy, but not muddy, so i figured ok to keep going.

good thing too, because i made the mistake of reading my work email at about 6- the dangers of working from home- and was a bit riled up when i started out. reminding me of how grateful i am that i can start my days in such a lovely, peaceful place.

that arrowleaf balsamroot continues to pop. there are bright yellow flowers everywhere.

not sure what this one is. i thought the flowers looked like a penstemon but i'm not sure, and don't see it in either of my wildflower books. if anyone knows, please clue me in!

more wild onions, of a different sort, getting ready to bloom. these are the shorter hot pink ones- this will be a pretty little patch when they bloom. it's right on the trail.
the bitterbrush is starting to bloom. i wish i could capture and somehow blog the scent of this one. i love it. in fact i keep stopping to take pics just so i have an excuse to stand and inhale!
snow on the owyhees.

and by the end of our walk i was relaxed & happy & ready to deal with those emails :)
6 with dogs, one without. all dogs/ people following rules & very pleasant.
happy trails!

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