Thursday, May 21, 2009

may 21

a bit chilly this morning- even saw some frost.

a public service announcement for my husband, who has a hard time telling yarrow from white top.

this is yarrow. the leaves are ferny, it grows in dry areas, the flowers are bigger and it is usually a plant here, a plant there, not a big patch all together. white top, on the other hand, has solid leaves, smaller flowers, grows where there's more water and will grow in big patches. hope that helps!

penstemon starting to show.

not sure what this shrub/ tree is. it's growing in the scary trees. we went that way to avoid a woman with a small dog on a flexi coming up chickadee. easier that way.

4 of us with dogs- all leashed or not according to the rules. 11 people/groups without dogs- busy morning.

have a great day!

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