Sunday, May 10, 2009

corrals- sunday may 10- moo!

it was pretty clear walking up from the parking lot that we were going to see cattle at some point on the trail......

just past the first gate, right after the left turn to hard guy, the mamas & calves were pretty much on the trail. i had leashed up farther back just to be on the safe side.

decided not to try to walk through them, but we did sit and inhale cow-ness calmly for a while. gave me an opportunity to correct halle when she thought she should go say hi, and to praise both dogs for being good sit and stay dogs once she settled down.

we met 2 runners, sans canine companions, and 3 groups of mt bikers, also sin perros. everyone was incredibly nice, thanked me for either sitting or heeling the dogs.

it was funny- we stopped for a bike going up hill. then 3 bikes came & the lead rider said "uphill bike has right of way" (my husband reminded me that it is actually pedestrian who has right of way- i always forget that!), and then the 3 of them proceeded to ride just barely off the trail to pass the uphill rider.....the right spirit (excepting the ped part, but i had stopped for uphill rider too, b/c it seems wrong to make someone stop in the middle of all of that work), but not quite the right execution.

i think that this is death camas, but would love to have that either confirmed or corrected if anyone knows.

the lupine are just starting to bloom. should be quite a show by next weekend.

all in all, another beautiful morning!

and now for yardwork- have a great day!

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