Wednesday, May 6, 2009

may 6

two days worth of photos here- the beautiful dramatic skies yesterday & today's grayer look. but the arrowleaf balsamroot & bitterbrush brighten things considerably!

i really don't remember there being as many albr blooming in the red fox/chickadee area last year. i am amazed by the abundance.

both days all dogs & people were following the rules & polite.
7 with, 5 w/o yesterday.
one with was a woman with a border collie. we both leashed up & had a conversation about it's better to do that b/c she wasn't always sure how her dog would react to other dogs. sort of like echo. probably partially a herding dog territory thing. what frustrates me is that we can be doing the right thing by leashing our dogs to control their behavior, but if someone else lets their loose dog run up, or does the all the way at the end of the leash let them say hi thing and our dogs react we (and our dogs) are the bad guys. i really am having that happen less & less in the mornings, but it does still happen.
anyway- today 4 with and 2 without.
have a great day!

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