Tuesday, November 3, 2009

tuesday, november 3

another beautiful morning, sunny and cool.

the 2 dogs who get turned out to run loose above red fox out again today. i sure wish that their owners would stop doing this. besides the problems caused in the reserve, i would think that they'd be worried about the dogs' getting hit by a car, eating poison, etc. but evidently not.

echo & halle enjoying their walk.

beautiful skies......

i heard that frank sherman passed on this morning. frank and his wife penny rehomed a lot of dogs in the valley- both through vizsla rescue and independently. they have traveled to pick up and deliver dogs and taken in and kept dogs for however long it took to find a good home. i know that there is a big crew waiting for frank at the bridge, and my heart goes out to penny and his friends who are still here.
happy trails.

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GBug said...

Aw :( They must be amazing people. And he an amazing man. Thanks for sharing that!