Friday, November 13, 2009

friday the 13th

another beautiful morning...... been seeing a lot of these guys around lately. trying to figure out what they are- clearly some sort of hawk, but not a red tail- too small. mystery solved- it's a kestrel or sparrow hawk.

smidge of snow on the hills

and a little bit on the owyhees......
this falls under the category of wtf? been seeing more bags left out in the middle of trails lately- and have heard the same from other folks. i have gotten into the habit of leaving bags going in to see if they're still there when i come out. this one was. right in the middle of the trail. do people think that someone cleans up after them? of course, we do, and it would be worse if we didn't, but this is 50 feet or less from a trash can, i mean come on!
anyway..... thanks to those of you who help us keep it clean. happy trails!

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