Monday, November 2, 2009

daylight savings

i am probably one of the few people who is actually glad to see the time change- but it's nice to be able to walk in the light in the morning before 8 am. sorry honey...

poor halle had to bypass the very loud scary monster to get into the park today, but she was brave and eventually got to enjoy her walk. not sure what's going on, lots of big black round pipe......

beautiful frosty plants-

fluffed out birds
saw this guy heading up chickadee with 5 dogs & thought- uh oh! i knew i'd meet him coming back around & decided that i'd heel echo through and let halle greet, since i doubted they'd be under control. i did see him paying attention & picking up after, though.

much to my surprise (and, once again, proof that it doesn't pay to assume things) he did call the dogs and keep them together and moving away from us when we met at the north junction of chickadee & red fox.
6 with, 0 without. everyone nice, following the rules.
happy trails!

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