Tuesday, November 10, 2009


out later again this morning, due to prep for a conference call. i am always surprised at how many other people are out at 10 or 11 am..... there were 7 of us with dogs and another 3 people or groups without.

i thought that this little plant was pretty- like the movement of the leaves and the reminder that sometimes focusing on the small things instead of the wide open is a good thing.

tho the wide open is pretty good too! some color still hanging on.
everyone was polite & following rules.

i was, once again, reminded of how glad i am to have found a trainer that i like & that i have continued to work with the dogs. having fun doing the advanced class with echo, and very proud of his ability to heel through distraction- we did it today on the trail. and since he walks by the other dog, halle does too. it's just a great feeling and i am very proud of what we've accomplished. many thanks to paula for her patience and her passion for dogs and training.
happy trails!

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