Monday, November 16, 2009

it's a monday!

it was a monday, through & through! started off with a bang at work, and i knew i needed to get out & walk & chill.... and it was beautiful. trails are dry- red fox is so sandy that it's usually a safe bet....
still icy & snowy on the north side
and dry on top of chickadee.
i suspect that lots of trails got chopped up yesterday- heard reports of heavy use on wet military reserve trails, and as we were coming out of corrals & things were getting soft lots of people were heading in. people like to wait to get out when it warms up, but that's worst on the trails in the winter. better to bundle up & get out when things are still frozen.
boise trail dog, swimba & r2r are working on a trail conditions reporting system for this winter that will provide good coverage & current info for most trails. we are recruiting regular trail users to spend a few minutes when they get home to update a spreadsheet that will be easy for folks to go to & see how things look, which trails might be appropriate, which to stay away from, etc. more to come on that.
it was beautiful- and lots of folks out taking advantage. 8 with dogs, 5 without- this around 10.
on top of chickadee, 2 women in front of us raised their arms and shouted. halle started barking, they turned around & said we're getting the frustration out- we all laughed. sanity in the form of being outside, moving, being in the presence of something bigger....
most owners great with their dogs. we passed several leashed on trail no problem. one woman with a white & black puppy, letting it run ahead of her. i grabbed the dogs, a runner said "it's not my dog"- puppy ahead of the runner, who was ahead of the owner, who made zero effort to get her dog.
so i let go of halle, walked echo by. he made a good show of barking. said owner cluelessly looked on, laughing nervously as halle jumped to play with her pup. i'm sure she thought i wasn't very nice, but i didn't have the patience today to explain that i didn't want to trip the runner, and i didn't want my dogs to say hi to her dog. i just moved them on.
it was a gorgeous morning, and i returned to my desk fortified. :)

have a great week- stay off muddy trails!

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