Thursday, November 12, 2009

catch up

been a little crazy at the job that pays the bills, so even though i've been out, i missed blogging.

found out what this is all about on wednesday- they're rerouting one of the storm drains to go out on 13th an alleviate some of the flooding that happens when it gets really soggy.

i thought that getting out at around 10- 10:30 would mean fewer people- WRONG! both yesterday and today, at least8 other groups with dogs and 4-5 without.

here's the camel's back parking lot on wednesday around 11.

beautiful & sunny today after it quit raining. red fox draining well, as usual.

we stopped at the top of the hill before heading to the off leash area b/c i saw 2 women coming with a little black dog on a leash. they stopped and called for some other dogs. and called. sounded like the dogs were out of sight and behind them. they got leashed up- a jack russell & i think a black lab- and came up the hill.

when they were a little way past me i heard one of the women say something annoyed about seeing poop on (or along the trail). i was wondering if she thought that her dog, which was clearly behind her and out of sight at least part of their walk, would never do such a thing? maybe she thinks said dog is just going off trail, so it's ok (it isn't).

almost the weekend! happy trails!

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