Monday, October 19, 2009

soggy doggies

wet morning, decided to try the trails anyway because i just love the way the wet sage smells. red fox is usually pretty safe because it's sandy.

we turned up chickadee to avoid 2 runners with a leashed dog. thought i'd see how it looked- maybe, since yesterday was warm & dry the rain hadn't soaked in too much. but when i turned around & saw my footprints we turned around and did the dreaded out & back.

which actually wasn't too bad. much as i am not fond of rain i do love the dark moody skies, especially combined with fall colors. and the previously mentioned wonderful scent of wet sagebrush.

camel's back at 9 am. (i love working from my house- i can start the day at 6:30, take a break to walk when it's light out & get back to it- perfect!)
happy trails- have a great week!

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