Thursday, October 22, 2009

misty morning

the colors are just beautiful against the gray moody skies, and i love the way the mist muffles sound. the sage is really fragrant in the damp. great way to start the day!

6 with, 4 w/o. everyone nice, polite, following rules.
we even passed toby twice off leash on trail with no problem. the first time i hustled the dogs by & his owner (the man) looked at me oddly. but i have seen toby hump an intact male standard poodle (sam- who was awesome- he just stood there looking a t. evidently wondering wtf?). i am pretty sure that neither echo or halle would be that tolerant. toby didn't bother us- just kept on down the trail. the second go round, on chickadee, we all just kept moving and it worked great. love it when that happens).
folks using the playground equipment again- shortly after 9.
happy trails-

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