Friday, October 16, 2009


yay! dry! beautiful morning- and good to be out again...... leaves are turning

the light was nice

trees not changing so much in the valley yet, but probably soon.
as we were leaving and just past the pond 2 black labs, off leash, came running around the corner making snarly noises. we stopped. i quickly realized that the 2 dogs were playing with each other, but still wasn't sure how that would work with my 2 on leash dogs. soon a mt biker came in sight. he headed up the hill as one of the dogs ducked off trail behind the split rail fence to answer nature's call. so i helpfully asked the biker if he needed a bag.
he stopped the bike, asked "oh, did one of my dogs do something?" so i said yes, and pointed him in the direction. he looked down and said "there are a lot of piles here". and i said "probably, because lots of people don't bother to pick up." so he picked something up & tossed it & we both went our merry ways. hard to tell if behavior will change in the future- i hope so, but who knows? one can hope he was disgusted by the piles.....
anyway- happy friday, happy trails.....

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