Monday, October 26, 2009

gray monday

beautiful, if gray, morning

it was a quiet day on the trails- 4 with, 2 without.
saw augie the akita, who we haven't seen for a while. as usual, when he saw us he lowered his head & the hair on his back went up. we were well off the trail. his owner, as always, said "he's friendly". well, head down, stiff legs, hair up looks like trouble to me. and halle isn't completely broken of charging up and echo & augie have had conversations. i don't want to go there. so i just said " i don't care, i don't want him coming over here. my dogs don't always react in the friendliest manner." and it was all good, but i bet we have the same conversation next time we run into each other.
let me contrast that to the guy with the black lab we passed who saw me heel the dogs & immediately called his and leashed him. as they walked by i said "i'm trying to teach them they don't have to say hi to everyone" and he said "the same here". perfect!
trails looked good- the opp i picked up (and there was some) was all fresh. i am starting to think that there are dog owners who just don't pick up because they know that there are those of us who do. pigs.
have a great week!

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