Wednesday, October 7, 2009

BTD enews- Saturday Trail Survey

from the SWIMBA Facebook page:
Foothills trail users unite! Most of us are multi-use trail users and there is an important user survey this weekend that we need to participate in as it can shape future trail use policies and restrictions (remember the proposed dog restrictions). If you are out on the trails this Saturday, please complete the survey honestly. SWIMBA's position on the content of the survey is as follows.

Boise Trail DOG agrees with SWIMBA's position on the content of the survey. Please get out Saturday and participate in shaping the future of our trails. We contacted R2R with concerns about the contect of the survey, but were told it was too late to make any changes.

In addition to the concerns mentioned on SWIMBA's site, there is a group of questions asking for answers rated 1-4, disagree to agree, no neutral option, one of which is "My interaction with other user’s pets have been pleasant". So interactions must be rated either positive or negative, nothing neutral. Also, pet owners are the only user group singled out in the survey. We need to make sure that we are fairly represented in the responses.

Poop Scoop October 24 9-1

The past 2 months have been absolutely horrible for poop on the trails- there is no other way to say it. I have received emails from other dog owners apalled at trail conditions in adition to comments passed along by Julia and David. We need a good fall push.

The Humane Society is offering support once again. I would like to have tables in the Lower Hull's Gulch parking lot, at Corrals and in Military Reserve. Please let me know if you can sit at a table & direct volunteers for a few hours on the 24th. This is really important- it goes beyond maintaining off leash access to educating people about doing the right thing.

If any of you have items that you can donate to raffle off to trail helpers that would be great as well.

We need to make this a big event, get press coverage, etc. so that the face of the responsible dog owner is visible again.

Thanks in advance for your help, and thanks to every who has been helping pick up all along.


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Anonymous said...

Also, one question on the survey asks, "How you are using the trails today?" The possible responses include; walking,bike riding,hiking, etc but do not include dog walking.