Tuesday, October 20, 2009


beautiful morning, beautiful colors

it was pretty quiet this morning- 4 with, 2 without.
one couple coming down chickadee with a yellow lab. i called the dogs & got their collars & stopped and the people kept walking toward me, no dog in sight. i looked for the dog and the woman said "we have a lagger, she's back there somewhere". rather than ask how they were able to pick up after her if she was behind them (yep, i am proud of myself) i let the dogs go & headed up.
there was the lab, sitting off the side of the trail. greetings all 'round, then echo decided to put his mouth on her throat, which elicited a high pitched yelp. she wasn't hurt, just not appreciative. the owners then decided to call her. they probably think i'm a big jerk. i, on the other hand, not knowing how the loose dog without an owner in sight was going to behave saw no reason to hang onto my dogs. i've tried that- it doesn't work. if a dog rushes or lunges it seems unfair to expect my dogs not to be, well, dogs. i knew they weren't going to hurt anyone, just maybe cause a ruckus.
anyway. it was a beautiful walk and a great way to start the day.
here's camel's back at 9 am.
happy trails.

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