Friday, March 19, 2010

tumblin' tumbleweeds

also known (more properly) as russian thistle

 spring is starting to show- buttercups-
 need to get the flower book out- not sure what these are, but they seem to bloom a long time. maybe they're annuals that reseed easily- that would explain a long bloom time. or maybe i just see them at different elevations throughout the summer....
 teeny tiny white flowers. i wonder if early flowers are so small to better withstand the wide variance in weather they're likely to encounter?

love when it's warm and sunny and the snow is visible higher up

lots of folks out enjoying the day- this is around 2 pm. lots of bikers- all of whom were pleasant & thanked me for getting the dogs off the trail out of their way.

all dog owners encountered were pleasant & polite too- the sunshine spring weather is infectious!

have a great weekend!

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